The Accelerated Reionization Era Simulations (ARES) code was designed to rapidly generate models for the global 21-cm signal. It can also be used as a 1-D radiative transfer code, stand-alone non-equilibrium chemistry solver, or meta-galactic radiation background calculator. As of late 2016, it also contains a home-grown semi-analytic model of galaxy formation.

A few papers on how it works:

Plus some more applications:

Be warned: this code is still under active development – use at your own risk! Correctness of results is not guaranteed. This documentation is as much of a work in progress as the code itself, so if you encounter gaps or errors please do let me know.


To make sure everything is working, a quick test is to generate a realization of the global 21-cm signal using all default parameter values:

import ares

sim = ares.simulations.Global21cm()

See Simple Physical Models for the Global 21-cm Signal in Examples for a more thorough introduction to this type of calculation.